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« Samsung Tune » sonnerie manquante sur SGS 2.3 / missing ringtone in Android Gingerbread for Galaxy S



Après m’être battu avant-hier pour mettre mon SGS vers à jour vers Gingerbread et hier pour le rooter (avec Odin), je découvre aujourd’hui que ma sonnerie d’appel entrant par défaut, qui était celle par défaut de Samsung mais qui me convenait parfaitement, a été remplacée par un espèce de « driiing driiiing » assez affreux. Je cherche donc à remettre les choses en place, mais là, à mon grand désarroi, je me rends compte après avoir écouté 2/3 fois toutes les sonneries disponibles sur Android que… La sonnerie que je cherche n’y est plus !

Commence donc une bonne heure de recherches sur Internet avec différents fichiers foireux avant d’enfin trouver la perle rare, la sonneries « Samsung Tune » version Galaxy S ! (version D900E aussi, qui est mon autre téléphone, sur lequel je l’avais, mais sans la possibilité de l’exporter… -_-« )

Pour vous éviter la même peine que moi, je vous mets donc le fichier à disposition sur RapidShare :

D’ailleurs, cette sonnerie est extraite d’un pack contenant toutes les sonneries originalement fournies avec le Samsung Galaxy S i9000, que vous pouvez télécharger ici : (et que je vous ai ré-uploadé ici au cas où le lien vient à mourir : )



————————————– FOR ENGLISH READERS ————————————


sgs-i9000-photoAfter fighting against Kies two days ago to update my SGS i900 Gingerbread (2.3) and yesterday to root it (via Odin), today I am discovering the ringtone I used as incoming call ringtone by default, which was the default one from Samsung and which was perfect for me, has just been replaced by a sort of horrible « riiiiing riiiiing ». So, I begin trying to put everything back to what it was, but, after hearing 2-3 times the complete list of ringtones available on my Gingerbread Androphone, I realize that… there is just not my ringtone on my phone anymore!

So begins a entire hour of search on the Internet, with the finding of several half-assed files before finally finding the gem, the Galaxy S version of  « Samsung Tune » ringtone! (which is by the way also the D900E version, which is my other phone, on which I had this f***ing ringtone but without being able to export it… -_-« )

In order to avoid such pain to you guys, I put the file at your disposal on RapidShare:

By the way, the ringtone is extracted from a pack containting the complete list of the originally built-in ringtones of the Galaxy S that you may find here: (pack that I re-uploaded for you in case the previous link dies one day: )

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12 réponses à “« Samsung Tune » sonnerie manquante sur SGS 2.3 / missing ringtone in Android Gingerbread for Galaxy S”

  1. Edward dit :

    The .mp3 link is just to a .jpg of the phone.

    Please try again.

  2. Edward dit :

    Ah! I found the bundle as you described. Thank you.

    My next challenge is to find out how to import a file as a ring-tone. I can’t find a way in New PC Studio or Kies.

    Any chance you could publish a link on that too please?


  3. Troll dit :

    Hello Edward,

    Indeed if you clicked on the link it was a picture. But if you noticed that the picture was not the same url as the link you could have understand that you can copy/paste the text of the link and it will work. It have just fixed the problem, thank you for warning me.

    About importing a new ringtone, personally I did not import anything, I just selected the ringtone MP3. But it seems that’s because I use Handcent SMS instead of the default message manager of Android. And it extends the abilities of Android to use custom ringtones.

    I don’t know how to import a ringtone I think you have to install a program / an application that will extend the abilities of Android, like Handcent does. Google Search could certainly help you about that :) Sorry for not having the time to search for you now.

    But, by the way, I really advice you to have a look at Handcent, it is a really good & handy application for text message and I think you will never use the text message default manager of Android once you will have tried Handcent !

  4. Edward dit :

    Many thanks,
    I’ll look at Handcent.

  5. Troll dit :

    Else, I found that If you create a folder called « ringtones » at the root of the sdcard, every file put in this folder will be recognized by the media scanner as a ringtone » and thus be shown in the list. I tried and it worked well. but the media scanner to be run before the file to.appear in the list So you can restart the phone for example .

  6. Edward dit :

    Works a treat – many thanks.

    Now, how do I replace the Messenging icon that is fixed at the bottom of my screen with Handcent?

    How do I change the colour scheme in Handcent?

    Great replacement – if I can truely do it.

  7. Troll dit :

    To change the icons at the bottom of your screen: Open the applications menu (with the icon at the bottom right corner) and then press « menu » and choose « Edit ». Then you will see the icons at the bottom are draggable, you can switch them with an icon from the application list.

  8. Edward dit :

    Amazing – its intuitive but with the benefit of kind-sight.

    Many thanks,


  9. Troll dit :

    You’re welcome :)

  10. Edward dit :

    Hi Troll,
    I’ve definitely wandered off the track of this thread here. Sorry, but…

    My original messenger icon had a little bubble that showed me how many SMSs I had not yet attended to. I can’t find how to do that with Hand Cent. I emailed them but didn’t recieve a response.

    Do you know how to get the icon to show how many messages I have waiting for me?

  11. Troll dit :

    Hi Edward,

    Go in the Handcent Settings and then Notifications Settings and then Notifications Settings again (just above the second « part », last item of the first part of the notifications settings).

    Here you can choose the icon you want to have in the notification bar at the top of you Droid. There are plenty of other settings / options, I let you explore them.

    But you can end up with something like this, which is I think, what you were talking about : (look at the top left corner of the picture)

  12. Anon dit :

    Thank you!!!!

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