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« Press Control-D to continue » error message at Fedora Startup

Just a quick tip, it seems that in some cases, when Fedora startup scripts do not manage to do a fsck check on the root volume, they will not start X server and just display a message saying something went wrong and you cannot either type the root password and figure it out yourself or press Control-D to continue.

So, this might not be the right solution for you but check out whether you got something like that in your logs :

- Unit systemd-remount-fs.service has begun starting up.
Jan 01 15:06:08 fedora-user.localdomain systemd[1]: Unit systemd-fsck-root.service entered failed state.
Jan 01 15:06:08 fedora-user.localdomain systemd[1]: Failed to start File System Check on Root Device.

In order to check that, when you’re asked whether to type Ctrl-D or your root password, at startup, type the root password and press Enter.

Then, type « journcalctl -xb » and look at the red lines to see if you have something like that. Note that the newest lines will be at the bottom, so you might have to scroll quite a bit. Also note that you might have red lines that are not very important and not what you’re looking for, don’t stop at the first red lines.

If you do have some error messages like the ones I pasted above, the only way I found was to boot into a LiveUSB, access my LVM Group using this very useful how-to:
and run the fsck.ext4 check so that it corrects the partition corruptions / errors that were present.

I then rebooted… and everything went smooth !

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